Flounder Fishing Tips from your Pros

Inshore flounder fishing guide south padre island
Anyone that likes fishing over the Atlantic coast has probably considered flounder being a viable option. Flounder fishing is way from challenging but there are a few essentials to keep in mind.

Inshore flounder fishing guide south padre island
It all starts with locating flounder and when you accomplish the task, you’ll ought to choose the right bait and tackle.

Where to Find Flounder
The first essential of flounder fishing is seeking the fish. Many fishermen choose to make their attempts during flounder migration. The fish create a regular deep sea migration in the autumn. During this period, the fish can be found on the sandy Atlantic bottom, about 25 miles from the shore.

During other periods, flounder are available in estuaries and rivers nearby the Atlantic coast. Flounder is an incredibly plentiful species in states like Alabama, Florida and Sc. The fish can be found in some of the Northeastern coastal regions.

Choose Your Flounder Bait
Seeing that you’ve reached the right spot for flounder fishing, it’s time to decide concerning the bait and tackle you’re planning to use.

Some of the most experienced flounder fishermen depend upon live baitfish. Mullet and minnow are a couple of excellent opportunities that flounder will answer. To vary the bait mix, try live shrimp or squid bits.

If you’re to never keen on opting for live bait, try artificial options. Grub-tailed jugs in several colors are usually effective for “getting the attention” of flounder.

In terms of setting up your tackle, utilize a seven-foot rod because it’s considered the conventional equipment for flounder fishing. Sturdy line is likewise called for because a few of the fish could be quite big.

A Few Additional Tips
The most effective technique to try is letting the bait reach the bottom of the water basin where you’re fishing. Let it drift for quite a while. Flounder isn’t a fish variety that moves a great deal - it would rather stay hidden from the sandy bottom. Fishing from your boat is the best technique as it will enable you to change the rate and drift the bait.

In case you don’t like traditional fishing, go for gigging. This is a technique that requires driving a spear through the body of the fish. To begin with with gigging, choose shallower waters. You’ll be most effective with that technique later in the day and during the night.

This can be all it takes to enjoy a nice catch of flounder. The next logical step would be to cook the fish. Flounder comes with a excellent reputation due to its delicate and delicious meat. Always put the fish on ice after catching them. Flounder might be cooked in many different ways as well as the recipe you choose will be based entirely on individual preferences.